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Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Discover the exciting world of design
This Certificate blends design techniques, Visual thinking, Concept development, composition and typography with a focus on mastering the digital tools for today's design world. Learn how to translate a command of design software into intelligent and powerful visual communication.
Explore multimedia communication on the Web and beyond
This Certificate Fuses the discipline of graphics design with the interactive world of multimedia. Students learn how to create powerful visual communications and translate them into 3-dimensional, Interactive experiences. Students create designs in which the user is an active player, whether the result is on the Web, a CD-ROM, or created using Director, Flash, 3D Max.
Web Multimedia
Web Multimedia
Learn techniques for creating superior Web graphics
This course combines the discipline of graphic design with a focus on the emerging field of Web Design. Leam design techniques, visual thinking, concept development, composition and typography, and how to translate this knowledge into intelligent and powerful visual communication on the Web. The field of Web design rewards a unique blend of technical skills, creativity, visual communication, information science, and entrepre¬neurship.
Digital Animation 2D
Digital Animation 2D
Capturing the animation world
When animator think dynamic, they think Macromedia Flash. The vector-based tool, rapidly taking over the Web, can create everything from simple animations to entire sites. In this course, you'll develop a deep understanding for basic drawing and animating tools in Flash, mastering such critical interface elements as layers, scenes, nested symbols, and movie clips.
Digital Animation 3D
Digital Animation 3D
Discover the exciting world of digital animation 3D
This Certificate Fuses the discipline of modelling with the animation world of Multimedia, Television and Films, Students learn how to creating the effects of realism on 3D models, A study of Design, Storyboard, Modelling, Scene Creation, Lighting, Animation, Rending, Basic Compositing and Non-Linear Editing help to develop skills in modelling and animation.
Digital Video Editing
Digital Video Editing
Editing is the defining characteristic of filmmaking
Editing is the defining characteristic of filmmaking - it's an art form that exists in no other medium. And it's so much more than simply "cutting out the junk" the flubbed lines, the camera wobbles, and so on.
Editors are storytellers. They manipulate the images and sounds of a film in subtle yet important ways, affecting the story with every cut.
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
On page optimization, off page optimization, Social Media Optimization, PPC

The Combine Certificate
Graphic + Web Design
Multimedia + Graphics Design
Graphic + Multimedia + Web Design
Individual Courses
CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Illustrator,
Flash, Dream Weaver, Director,
3D Max, AutoCAD, MAYA, Combustion,
Adobe Premier, After Effects & MS-Office.

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